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Our Identity

Our name “Mool Tatvam” is derived from Sanskrit language (Mool: Core / Source, Tatvam: Element(s)), and in its soul, at its primary root is grounded in the one truth that is the Universal Consciousness fully manifested in all its purity, brightness, magnificence and elegance.

At a more material level, our logo has our name “Mool Tatvam” in two colours. “Mool” (meaning: Core / Source) in grey enlightens (and is soothing and calming) and represents intellect, knowledge, wisdom and security. It means that the “core / source” of what we do is refined, dignified, elegant and contemporary. The solutions that we create for our clients are classic, sleek and professional, provide control and have long-lasting impact. “Tatvam” (meaning: Element(s)) in orange colour represents “energy of creation” and renders to our solutions a sense of adventure making them vibrant, stimulating to the senses, warm and sociable.

devices-mooltatvam consulting

When you partner with us you can palpably sense the optimism, enthusiasm, confidence and uninhibited creative flair.

The creative representation of our logo has a star in white shown in the circle representing light and energy, surrounded by five symmetrical and equivalent semi oblong, part ellipses in orange representing the five elements (the 'panch tatvas’).


mooltatvam consulting


Solidity, stability, harmony,
thoughtfulness, practicality


Expansion, motion
& empowerment


Energy, intensity, confidence,
assertiveness, dynamism & strength


Flexibility, cohesion, intuition,
imagination & wisdom


The playground, the all pervading
substance that is imperceptible.
Compendium of knowledge.

Limitless, all pervading

We “Mool Tatvam Consulting LLP” are the core element integral to your communication success.